In order to raise money for our school this year, year 4 have designed a hoodie inspired by the current climate. We would really appreciate your support to raise valuable funds for the school, all of which go to improve the facilities and equipment our children use whilst at st luke’s.


Payment to be submitted no later than 23 november 2020.


We have two designs one in pink and one in blue/grey. The logo at the front will reflect your child’s year (yr for reception, y1 for year 1 etc).


Prices: £20 for hoodie with design at the front (nothing at the back) or £23 for hoodie with design at the front and snowflake with name at the back. It could also make a lovely present!


Please note that these hoodies are not to be worn at school. They are for home/ personal use and will not be accepted as school uniform.

St Luke's Bubble Hoodies - Personalised

  • This product will be delivered to the school and given to your child to bring home.