Glass of Milk


What is the money used for?


We use the money to pay for initiatives that benefit the children in the school that cannot be funded through the school budget.  In recent years we have met funding requests from the school to fund 50% of the touchscreen technology that has been installed into every classroom, purchase 15 new cameras for the children to use, new lighting for the main hall to better illuminate the productions, additional chrome books and the Wonde subscription – both invaluable during recent lockdowns. The PFA have also regularly covered the subscription cost of the ‘parentmail’ facility, and paid for every child to receive a school Christmas dinner and much more.

What's next?

We are currently fundraising to support the school’s ongoing pursuit of the Arts Award. The funds we are raising this year will provide greater enrichment for the children across Reception - Y6, through the provision of new immersive resources from ‘Now Press Play’. The funding will enable the school to purchase 35 wireless headphones, training and a one year subscription, which will cover a wide variety of subjects.