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Calling all Unwanted Items


If you have an item at home and you think somebody else might like it then upload your image here and we will do the rest. All proceeds go to St Luke's Parents and Friends Association. This can be unwanted toys, books, uniform, DVD's, clothes, shoes, furniture, home furnishings, anything goes just (see terms and conditions). Some things like books and clothes will sell better in bulk.


How it Works

Your mobile number and postcode will be displayed next to the listing. Once the customer has paid for their item they will contact you on your mobile and arrange to collect your item from you. The item will be automatically removed from the website. The seller should ask to see the email confirmation receipt before handing over the product.

It's that simple and a great way to recycle old items and make money for the school at the same time!

Happy Selling!

Sell an Item - One form submission per product type
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Terms & Conditions

The seller agrees to liaise with the buyer and arrange a convenient pick up time. No items will be sold that are for use of over 18's only eg, alcohol, cigarettes, knives, illegal substances. Items may be removed without prior warning. The seller agrees that St Luke's Parents and Friends Association will display their mobile number and postcode on the website. Items should go live with 36 hours. All monies go to St Luke's Parent & Friends Association.

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